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Full-Service Strategy
and Public Relations

About MRC

At MRC, we believe our work tells the story of who we are,

the approach we take and the clients we are proud to work with.

MRC is one of the leading go-to publicity agencies for specialized film companies, major studios, television networks, streamers, filmmakers, showrunners, below the line artisans and actors.  MRC is led by Michele Robertson, a respected strategist who has worked on numerous high-profile awards, films and series launch campaigns in additional to working closely with personal and corporate clients..

MRC practices a customized approach to publicity, marketing, branding and

digital strategy, producing highly individualized campaigns to target specific audiences 

and create awareness in today’s highly competitive media landscape.

The diverse range of successful campaigns MRC has worked on covers the gamut  

from specialized, blockbusters, genre, international, documentary

and animated films to television network and streaming show launches.

          As one of the most versatile strategists, the awards campaigns Robertson has worked                          on as the lead strategist have garnered an overall

204 Academy Award® nominations -- leading to  

64 Academy Award® winners including three Academy-Award® Best Picture winners,

a Best Animated Feature winner and 20 Academy-Award® nominated Best Pictures.

 MRC is also successful on Emmy® award-winning campaigns

as the key strategist on the overall campaign as well as with personal clients. 

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